Future of mankind

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Aphex Twin - Xtal

Haters gonna hate but…

The future is unstoppable

Google Glasses

Hit making robot

An analysis of all the top 40 hits from the last 40 or so years of each country and for how long they stayed, climbed or dropped on the list, the machine takes the most successful chord progressions and instrumentation and creates hit after hit… under a human artist’s name and face to stay incognito.

A big mix of all of the top 40 hits just mashed together, something like everything we are already hearing today.

Test subjects are being scanned for emotional reactions in their brains and face to see if the combination is right.

Damnit, this might just be the future

Waiters? Who needs them

Saw a cowboy bebop episode a few days ago where they have this screen built into the tables and people can order their menus without any waiter coming. That was in 1998. Where the fuck are these things?

So why don’t they built a kitchen in the basement and use elevators for each table, in the middle of the table a hatch or some sort and put food on the table….


ScienceDaily (Mar. 8, 2012) — Within a decade, personal robots could become as common in U.S. homes as any other major appliance, and many if not most of these machines will be able to perform innumerable tasks not explicitly imagined by their manufacturers.

Bender: You really want a robot for a friend? 
Fry: Yeah, ever since I was six! 
Bender: Well, all right. But I don’t want anyone to think we’re robosexual or anything, so if anyone asks, you’re my debugger. 

I pray to all the non-existant gods that I will be able to live and participate in a time that robots roam the living room of mankind.

"It turns out it takes 30 years for a new idea to seep into the culture. Technology does not drive change. It is our collective response to the options and opportunities presented by technology that drives change."

- Paul Saffo (via inthenoosphere)

I still Sing Along: Chrisson - Reach EP


The Netherlands has been known over the last decade as the European home of some of the best electronic music,

Local artist Chrisson is a young producer and DJ that certainly honors this tradition.

His own blend of house music is enriched by his past experiences as a guitarist and vocalist,…

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